The Gorilla Position- Vacant Forever


Gorilla is the term used for the position just before the entrance curtain at WWE TVs and PPVs where Vince McMahon remains with a headset and runs the show. The name comes from the late Gorilla Monsoon who stood in the position late in his career.  They name it in his honor.

A special note to address anyone that rates Gorilla or Jim Ross (J.R.) as the best announcer… Gorilla  commentated with Jim Ross on WWF Radio for the broadcasts of SummerSlam 1993Survivor Series 1993 and Royal Rumble 1994. If anyone knows how to get would mean a lot. Please share a link.

There are not many ( if not any) that have filled the Gorilla Position. Any ideas?

WWE has done a great job giving tribute to one of the best. After this video…. it is nearly impossible to think of anyone that could replace him. No one.


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