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WWE Luchador, South American or Cruiserweight Champion?

Hopefully one day we will have enough Hispanic wrestlers or wrestlers with a strong luchador/ lucha libre background in the WWE that there could potentially be a new title belt. If you had to choose, who would it be? I say let Rey win. He’s going to retire and could easily pass the torch to a newcomer. Maybe pass it to someone like Jericho who shares a similar background. ¬†Imagine winning a new belt, that represented your background, style and history of a certain wrestling style that has been blatantly under utilized?

1) maybe host it the day of Eddie’s 10 yr passing?

2) Involve Juventud Guerrera or others.

3) Host the event in Mexico or Latin America

Just a passing idea on how to retire Ray, give legitimacy to someone with a similar background and crown a new champion in a unique setting. http://maskalucha.com/history-of-lucha-libre.aspx


Never say Never vs would never happen? #Future #Interesting

DX vs The Shield ( Is Sean Waltman coming back?)

Brook Hogan vs Stephanie McMahon

Brock Lesnar vs Ryback ( strong maybe)

CM Punk vs Kurt Angle

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Sting vs Undertaker

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