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#WWE meets the #Apprentice

So, it’s not the most original idea. It has already been done by Donald Trump, but since WWE has had long lasting relationship with NBC, I don’t see why not. Maybe Donald and Vince could both team or up, or Vince could fly solo. Obviously, Vince could use Stephanie, Paul or other executives that could influence, or share insight on Vince’s decision before firing someone off a certain project.

Maybe, you have 2 Teams. One Team is the existing WWE Creative Team and the other is a bunch of “know it all” fans on the other. Maybe you mix the teams up, so both teams have a professional team leader with behindt he scenes experience.. Maybe Pat Patterson?

Maybe Vince, Triple H or Stephanie assign creative tasks, like establish a Pay Per View “theme,” or design a new character, a new character upgrade/ change or write an original story line/ fued. The replacement for the spinner belt would have been great. Mark Cuban asked for help for is team uniforms. http://blogmaverick.com/2013/05/13/help-the-mavs-design-our-next-uniform/

Maybe, the current wrestler just isn’t resonating with the crowd…so maybe the team, needs to design a costume, work with an audio engineer on entrance music, write a promo.

Maybe between the SummerSlams and the recent Wrestlemanias, the Executives are looking to shy away from palm trees or sunny beaches. Instead, you could design a set based on something unique, like  the “main event participants,” the location of the event, or a storyline.  Or, a really cool, radical approach is to “revive” an old WCW show.

At the end of the task, obviously they present the idea, to Vince, Stephanie and Triple H. Maybe a few others. What might make this TV show stand out, is who ever the winners are, they could actually showcase an idea they have been thinking about long term. Of course, the popular ones are going to be:

1) main event booking

2) turning heel/ face

3) reviving an old favorite wrestler or pushing new ones

99% of the ideas will get trashed but, what’s cool is you pitch to WWE in Stamford, CT. Social Media users would be all over this…and finally we get to see how decisions are made.

A few concerns would be…

1) airing these shows simultaneously with RAW episodes or pay per views. Maybe,  this is a bad idea itself. Maybe these types of shows would be a giveaway to the current product. And WWE would never consider it.

2) If  WWE found a way to air these types of shows a few months or maybe even a year behind…how would that effect real time tweets?

Please…all types of criticism and comments are welcome.