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Would Undertaker retire as the “American Bad Ass” character….?

He really should. WWE should consider catering to his present look with a shaved head. He could go in a match as the traditional Undertaker look, fighting in a Battle Royal, or 6- man tag w/ ┬áJack Swagger or Antonio Cesaro. Someone promoting”American” patriotism.They bring a flag down to the ring. Someone like Hunico or another wrestler that wears a “head band,” would need to be involved too.

At the end, Undertaker would tombstone Hunico. The crowd roars, as he takes off his head band and puts it on himself. He points to the American flag that Swagger left and holds it up in the air. The crowd gets louder.

1) maybe WWE revives “Judgement Day”…the debut of the American bad ass character

2) Have Vince, Triple H, or the Rock bring down his motorcycle for one last ride around the ring.

3) His music changes back to the Kid Rock song…we all know.

Of course, this wouldn’t happen. His original character seems to resonate most with the crowd. Let’s say Marc Calloway has creative control in his contract… would he? should he?


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