Breaking Kayfabe/ Shocking Moments

1) Montreal Screwjob

2) The Madison Square Garden Incident

3) Pipe bomb/ CM Punk

4) NWO/ Hogan turns heel

5) Booker T saying the N word to Hulk Hogan

There are so many shocking moments. To me as a child, watching Bobby the “Brain” Heenan, yell, belittle, disrespect wrestlers, announcers and co- workers, I genuinely thought he was the ultimate heel.  He was quick, always ready to pounce with comebacks. Always getting the last word with Gorilla.

Until, one day Heenan showed his heart. He could not stay in character any longer. He didn’t say words like, “ham n egger,” or “humanoids.” All he wanted to do was say good bye.


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